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  • Chef Jessica Moore - Taste This Life

    At 5.45pm, local Chef Jessica Moore from Taste This Life will be taking to stage at the Experience Room for an exclusive culinary experience. Chef Jessica takes the best ingredients Cayman has to offer and puts her own creative spin on dishes in some of the most delicious of ways! Jessica will be demonstrating and sampling her signature dish in the Experience Room, Cheese Stuffed Ackee Fritters with a Spicy Callaloo Aioli and Pepper Jelly Drizzle.


  • Chef Thomas Tennant - Brasserie

    Born in Miami to Argentine parents, Thomas Tennant began his kitchen career at 16, working at the South Beach Resort. Moving north to refine his skills, Tennant graduated from the University of Delaware in 2006 with a bachelor of science in hotel and restaurant management. While in college, he studied abroad in Switzerland, achieving a Hotelfachschule Hoch Diplom, a secondary hotel management degree. 

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    Next, Tennant returned home and worked at establishments, including the Riviera Country Club and the Wyndam Grand Bay Resort, where he served as pool café supervisor, server, and tournant. Craving more back-of-house experience, he signed up for additional courses at Miami’s Johnson & Wales campus in September 2006, and followed up his studies with a three month externship in Jamaica. 

    After eating at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami in September 2007, Tennant walked to the kitchen, knocked on the door, and asked Chef Michael Schwartz for a job. He has been with Michael’s Genuine ever since and has blossomed as the executive chef at its sister restaurant in Grand Cayman, at the helm since it opened in summer 2010. Creating the majority of his dishes around fresh-caught fish, farm-raised meat and locally-grown produce, Tennant brings sophistication to the natural flavor of the islands. Tennant spearheaded the introduction of the invasive lionfish to the menu at the restaurant and the awareness of its threat to the marine health in conjunction with the Department of Environment. In addition to heading the Cayman kitchen, Tennant had overseen other projects for Michael Schwartz as his special operations chef in Miami. After two years of traveling for Schwartz, Tennant decided to move back to the Cayman Islands to once again manage the operation.

    In May 2015, Tennant returned to the Cayman Island outpost, to find out that the restaurant was to close. As a result, he had a tough decision to stay with Schwartz and move back to Miami as the Special Operation Chef or to stay on Grand Cayman to further develop the culinary culture and play a big role in it’s community. In September of 2016, Tennant was hired by King and Lisa Flowers as the on-site Executive Chef to manage and operate the Brasserie Restaurant, Market and other business there within. He is happy to call Grand Cayman and the Brasserie his home.

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